Millcreek Civic Center was founded in 1991. Our building is the location of what used to be Chesterfield Elementary a few decades ago. We have nine rentable rooms as well as a kitchen if that’s all you need. Four of our rooms are specialty rooms including our Memorial Hall Auditorium, Highlander Room Gymnasium, Gazebo Room, and Fireside Room. We also have five basic meeting rooms to fit many needs from baby showers to company luncheons. Our kitchen is a full-service kitchen as well as a small kitchenette.

Our remodeled Memorial Hall Auditorium has been a labor of love and a project that we have dreamed of completing since our 1991 founding. Funding for the project was made possible through the Build Indiana Fund, Madison County Food and Beverage Tax fund, and a number of community fundraisers. The Highlander Room Gymnasium is located on the west end of the building. The gym has been used for a variety of purposes including large dinners, receptions, auctions, stage plays, and community fundraisers.

In addition to Memorial Hall and the Gymnasium, there are several former classrooms for rent for small gatherings, showers, luncheons, card clubs, and business meetings just to name a few. Our lovely Gazebo Room features a beautiful garden mural, a perfect backdrop for special photos. We also have our Fireside Room, featuring a calm atmosphere with a fireplace to top off the scenery. This room is excellent for family reunions, birthdays, or even company luncheons. A kitchenette is nearby both rooms to provide a suitable area to heat or prepare light refreshments.